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The corporate lobby for climate skepticism in the Netherlands in the 1990s

22 February 2020 by Bas van Beek (former Money Trail trainee London 2019), Alexander Beunder, Merel de Buck and Jilles Mast

From an archive left behind by global warming sceptic Frits Böttcher, it shows that dozens of Dutch multinational corporations supported his Global Institute for the Study of Natural Resources. Between 1990 and 1998 a shocking 24 companies sponsored his CO2-project, including Shell, Hoogovens, DSM, Gasunie, the NAM, Texaco, KLM, Schiphol airport, ING, Bovag and the ANWB. This financial support, adding up to about 1 million guilders, allowed Böttcher to spread his story about the greenhouse effect being a myth widely. Böttcher’s lobbying, according to experts, has contributed to the fact that Dutch climate regulation was faced with a strenuous start.


Please read the full article in De Volkskrant (in Dutch) here