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The Cocaine Ports

August 2021, by Cecilia Anesi, Jelter Meers, Giulio Rubino, Margherita Bettoni

CALABRIA – This two-part series, based on two years of research by reporters from IrpiMedia and OCCRP, explores how the ‘Ndrangheta’s network operates.

The Ndrangheta from Nothern Europe to Western Africa and Latin America

The first part focuses on the group in Europe, showing how a well-connected clan shuttles cocaine across the continent and moves the proceeds into the legal economy.

The second part plunges into the Latin American and African sides of the operation, showing how the ‘Ndrangheta’s top brokers and suppliers — led in part by Calabria’s Romeo-Staccu clan — dominate ports where corruption allows the cocaine trade to thrive.

Published: OCCRP, PremiumTimes, IRPIMedia