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I put a spell on you: How witchcraft corrodes the African economy and society

14 June 2019, story by Iberique Houndjo (Benin), Chief Bisong Etahoben (Cameroon), Fidelis Mac-Leva (Nigeria),  and Anneke Verbraeken (The Netherlands).

Politicians being poisoned. Houses burned down. Roads destroyed. Using supernatural powers to gain success, money and power, or to harm other people, is for some Africans an everyday reality that largely determines life, work, and relationships. This has a profound negative influence on the economy. But aid organisations don’t see the belief in witchcraft as a phenomenon they should take into consideration. Even though their projects fail with billions of dollars down the drain.

The full story is published by Journalismfund.euMatin Libre (French) the Daily Trust, and Knack (Dutch).