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How gambling giant SportPesa made waves in Africa – and Premier League

18 July 2019, story by David Conn (The Guardian), Lionel Faull (Finance Uncovered) and Atanas Tchobanov (Bivol)

Everton Football Club’s shirt sponsors are hailed by the club for supporting community schemes, but there are concerns about how the Kenyan-Bulgarian betting firm SportPesa profits from an online gambling craze. The investigation by The Guardian, Finance Uncovered and Bivol shone a light on the origins of the company and its Bulgarian founders, including serious allegations of historic criminal activities – all strongly denied. The story also examined how SportPesa had grown rich from exploiting Kenya’s craze for betting on sports matches on their mobile phones. Gambling addiction is now a huge social problem in Kenya.

The full article is on The Guardian and posted on The Citizen and an opinion piece is published on Finance Uncovered.