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Fugitive Indian arms dealer lives in plush London flat

1 October 2018, story by Ananya Bhardwaj, a special correspondent for ThePrint (former Money-Trail trainee London 2018)

Robert Vadra & Sanjay Bhandari’s names were dragged into the Rafale deal controversy by the BJP last week.

Arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari, who had fled India in 2016 following raids at his residence for allegedly possessing classified information, is living in a luxury flat in London. The flat is owned by a Panamanian company and has an estimated value of around £2.3 million.
According to an Indian official source, there is a possibility that the Panamanian company the flat is registered to is in fact a shell company, which was floated to buy the flat.

The full story is published by ThePrint