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‘Follow the money’ is not enough…

5 December 2019 by Joseph Poliszuk (former Money Trail trainee London 2018)

How to import the best practices of other professions in the service of investigative journalism White-collar crime has become sophisticated and transnational, so journalism must follow suit. We need to weave together networks of journalists to address a range of cases. The Panama Papers were one of the best examples. This reporting was a good start, but it’s not enough; money laundering could be better understood and studied using an integrated approach, like a “forensic audit,” a technique that combines criminal, accounting, legal, procedural and financial knowledge, in the fight against fraud. But the latest research we did at, the media outlet I co-founded, dedicated to investigative journalism in Venezuela, shows unprecedented money laundering mechanisms, such as mining concessions that the Venezuelan government secretly exchanged for imported food from Turkey.


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