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Europe spends billions stopping migration. Good luck figuring out where the money actually goes.

9 December 2019 by Maite Vermeulen, Ajibola Amzat and Giacomo Zandonini

How much money exactly does Europe spend trying to curb migration from Nigeria? And what’s it used for? We tried to find out, but Europe certainly doesn’t make it easy. These flashy graphics show you just how complicated the funding is. After months of research, the authors attempted to map the migration projects Europe finances in Nigeria. Where does the money go? Border control and sending migrants back seem to be popular. A breakdown of Europe’s €1.5bn migration spending in Nigeria is provided. How the EU created a crisis in Africa – and started a migration cartel: Europe’s largest migration fund bypasses its own rules. After declaring a ‘crisis’ in 26 African countries, the EU can now spend €4.6bn without a transparent bidding process.


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