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How to collaborate intercontinental? (how to find a teammate?)

How to find a teammate?

Looking for teammates to collaborate with on your Money Trail project? Read on.

Money Trail offers working grants for mixed teams of African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Only intercontinental journalist teams consisting of at least one African, one Asian and/or one European journalist are eligible to apply. Each team must consist of journalists from at least two continents.

In order to be eligible for application, the teams have to ensure that their story will be published in at least two continents. Therefore, during the application procedure they will be asked to upload letters of intent for publication from media organisations in at least two continents.

But how do you find a teammate to collaborate with? Here are some tips.



 The EIJC (European Investigative Journalism Conference) & Dataharvest is the most relevant networking event for investigative and data journalists in Europe. Subscribe to its list if you’re looking for an European teammate. Once you’ve subscribed, briefly introduce your idea and then ask if someone would like to collaborate.



Hostwriter is an open network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders. Join hostwriter for free, network and collaborate. More info here.


GIJN network

 The Global Investigative Journalism Network is an international association of journalism organisations that support the training and sharing of information among investigative and data journalists. They have a great network of global journalists. Subscribe for their GLOBAL-L List here, introduce your topic and ask if someone would like to collaborate with you.


The GIJN also has a great list of journalism associations from all over the world. Find them here. This is a great way to find teammates for your cross-border work.